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Message from the President

Ageing is universal phenomenon. We in Bhutan are also experiencing demographic transition. According to the National Statistics Bureau report of 2017 there would be 6.45 % to 7.54% rise in the population of older persons of age 60 and over.
Inspired by His majesty, the King, the Royal Society for Senior Citizens (RSSC) was established on 21 February 2011. His Majesty granted an audience to 18 senior citizens on 7 January 2011and His Majesty was pleased to state that the senior citizens have greatly contributed to the society and nation building. They have many years of experience and wisdom which should be tapped and harnessed towards harmonious society and nation building. Therefore, it is the endeavor of the RSSC to fulfill this objective of His Majesty with cooperation from all concerned.
The Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging (MIPAA) adopted by 159 countries including Bhutan in April2002recommended all governments in promoting, providing and ensuring basic social services bearing in mind specific needs of the older persons. In this regard, the declaration draws attention to the urgent need of action on aging persons in line with the central concept “ A society for all Ages “ which has three priority directions:

  • Older persons and development
  • Advancing health and well being
  • Ensuring, enabling and supportive environments

The mandate of RSSC is to cater to all individuals of sixty years and beyond including pensioners, without exceptions of ethnicity, origin, religious beliefs, disability and gender.
According to the United Nation’s report ageing is closely linked to life styles, social activities and conditions in which people work. With advancing age they face challenges of failing health, listlessness, falling income and in greater need of care and support.
In this regard the RSSC is encouraged by the expression of full support by the Honorable Prime Minister. Although there is no specific provision for older population, Article 9, Clause 11, in the Constitution states that, “the state shall endeavor to promote those circumstances that would enable the citizens to secure an adequate livelihood”. Similarly, Clause 19 under the same Article states “The state shall endeavor to promote those conditions that are conducive to co-operation in community life and the integrity of extended family structure”.
With cooperation from all concerned, the RSSC is hopeful of being a support to the older people in the country so that they may live the days ahead with dignity and in peace.

Besides, it is essential that all our senior citizens would remember and recognize the ability of older persons to contribute by taking the lead not only for the betterment of their own lives but also the society as a whole. 

The RSSC website is now updated. We hope it serves to be more informative about RSSC, its initiatives and activities. Anyone is welcome to suggest improvement to make the website more vibrant and informative.